“Great is the fortune of he who possesses a good bottle, a good book, and a good friend”


Mercato dei vini FIVI 2022 (Piacenza, 26-28/11/2022)
November 26-28 2022 – Piacenza
Market of FIVI wines 2022

We will present our wines in Piacenza at the 2022 edition of the Market of FIVI wines. The event, organised by FIVI (Italian Federation...

Trevino 2022 (Treviglio, BG - 12-13/11/2022)
November 12-13 2022 – Treviglio (BG)
Trevino 2022

We will present our wines at Trevino 2022, a wine and food fair featuring producers from all over Italy, which will...

La FIVI incontra Pavia (29/10/2022)
October 29 2022 – Pavia
FIVI Oltrepò Pavese tasting 2022

We will present our wines in Pavia on Saturday, October 29th 2022 at the “FIVI meets Pavia” event, a tasting organised by...


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