Agriturismo Tosi - Sala degustazione

We will be pleased to welcome you in our Agriturismo, located just beside our cellar and a few steps from our vineyards.
Opened in October 2017, our Agriturismo includes a tasting room in the style of the old Italian osteria and an outdoor pergola with grill and oven. A park with a play area for kids will be completed soon.

Agriturismo Tosi - Pergolato

We started our Agriturismo for letting you discover our wines in a comfortable rustic setting. An ideal place for telling you the tales of our land, rich in history and wine and food tradition. Live the experience of pruning and tying the vines or harvesting the grapes, or just wander around in the beautiful nature of the Oltrepò Pavese hills before tasting the wines. Our wines come from the vineyards you will walk through, grown with wisdom and passionate hard work.

Agriturismo Tosi - Mostre d'arte

We firmly believe that wine is a form of art, so we love to mix our wine tastings with live music, theatre performances, paintings exhibitions, readings and so on, to give you a a unique, multisensorial experience.

We organise introductory courses for beginners. Lessons will include an illustration of some vine-growing and wine-making techniques to let you have a basic understanding of our work.

Agriturismo Tosi - Esterno


Please phone ahead to announce your visit or to reserve your tasting (+39.338.1188161 – mr. Giuseppe Tosi).
Here’s our price list.

• Tasting of 3 Primo Frutto wines
paired with local salumi and cheese
euro 10,00

• Tasting of 3 Cru del Territorio wines or Metodo Classico sparkling wine
paired with local salumi and cheese
euro 15,00

• Tasting of 3 Primo Frutto wines and 3 Cru del Territorio wines or Metodo Classico sparkling wine
paired with local salumi and cheese
euro 20,00

• 1 bottle of Primo Frutto wines
euro 5,00
• 1 bottle of Cru del Territorio wines
euro 11,00
• 1 bottle of Metodo Classico sparkling wine
euro 18,00

Salumi plate for 4 persons
euro 8,00
• Cheese plate for 4 persons
euro 9,00
Salumi and cheese plate for 4 persons
euro 15,00