April 22-24 2023 – Scandicci (FI)
Borgo DiVino Wine Festival

Posted by Giuseppe Tosi | 18/04/2023 | Events
Borgo DiVino 2023 (Scandicci, FI - 22-24 aprile 2023)

We will present our wines at the sixth edition of the Borgo DiVino wine festival to be held in Scandicci (FI) from Saturday, April 22nd to Monday, April 24th 2023.

The event will be hosted at Centro Rogers and will feature wine tastings (with wineries from many Italian regions), seminars and masterclasses. It will be possible to buy our wines at the Borgo DiVino wine shop.

Please check out the Borgo DiVino website for full information about the event.

Name of the event: Borgo DiVino wine festival
When: April 22nd-24th 2023
Where: Scandicci (FI)
Location of the event: Centro Rogers
Address: piazza della Resistenza
Information: http://www.borgo-divino.it

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