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The 7 Rieslings with the best value for money selected by Gambero Rosso (04/13/2024)
Our Riesling Marie 2021 has been selected by William Pregentelli, collaborator of Gambero Rosso, among the best 7 Italian Riesling with a price on the shelf not exceeding euro 20,00.


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Oltrepò Pavese, the classic Method drives the growth of the terroir (08/19/2023)
Excellent performance of our wines in the last tasting by wine critic Raffaele Vecchione.


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Oltrepò Pavese – FIVI independent winegrowers: a remarkable increase in membership numbers (09/01/2020)
An interview with Giuseppe Tosi about our experience as members of the FIVI association.


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…full circle on 25th (12/03/2018)
Our Nirfea among the FIVI wines selected by Dino Tedeschi, collaborator of Wine Top Blog.

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FIVI wine market 2018: the best wines with prices below and above euro 15,00 (11/28/2018)
Our Bonarda Violin 2017 among the best value for money FIVI wines selected by wine journalist Davide Bortone.


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A praise of simplicity (02/18/2017)
A review of our frizzante wines by Dino Tedeschi, collaborator of Wine Top Blog.


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In the glass: Nirfea by Tosi winery (11/29/2015)
Caterina Scaramagli’s tasting notes about our Metodo Classico Nirfea.