April 30 – July 7 2023 – At our agriturismo
“Sonic Tastings”

Posted by Giuseppe Tosi | 22/04/2023 | Events
Degustazioni sonore (30 aprile - 7 luglio 2023)

Springtime has come and it’s time for a new series of our “Sonic Tastings“, a series of concerts offering al kinds of music (from punk to rock, from folk music to new wave) always coupled with wine & food tastings.

Here’s the full calendar of concerts:

April 30th 2023
Pierpaolo Capovilla reads Pasolini
Opening acts: Manuel Cossu, I Malati Immaginari

May 20th 2023
Opening acts: Zagara, Il Branco Barracuda

May 27th 2023
Three Horns

June 3rd 2023
Tijuana Horror Club

June 11th 2023
Effemme, Fry Moneti (from Modena City Ramblers) and Michele Mud
Opening acts: La Collera, Angelae

June 16th 2023
Pino Scotto
Opening acts: Arizona Parker, Magenta #9

June 24th 2023
Madame Sadowsky

July 1st 2023
One Horse Band
Opening act: Baritoprince

July 7th 2023
Clan Destino
Opening acts: Davide Tonello, Laika nello Spazio

For information and reservations please call Giuseppe: +39.338.1188161 (also WhatsApp).

Name of the event: Sonic Tastings
When: dal 30 aprile al 7 luglio 2023
Where: Montescano (PV)
Location of the event: agriturismo Tosi
Address: via Pianazza, 45
Information and reservations: +39.338.1188161 (Giuseppe)

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