June 11 2023 – At our agriturismo
Sonic Tastings: EFFEMME | Opening: La Collera – Angelae

Posted by Giuseppe Tosi | 06/06/2023 | Events
Degustazioni Sonore: EFFEMME, La Collera, Angelae (11 giugno 2023)

Join us at our agriturismo on Sunday, June 11th 2023 at 05:30 PM for the fourth event of the “Sonic Tastings” series!

The event will feature a concert by EFFEMME, a collaboration between Francesco “Fry” Moneti, violinist and multi-instrumentalist for Modena City Ramblers, and Michele Mud, singer-songwriter two times winner of the Voices for Freedom award.

The concert will be opened by La Collera (indie pop-rock) and singer-songwriter Angelae.

As usual, you can taste wines, sandwiches, platters of salumi, roastbeef, salads and much more!

For information and reservations please call Giuseppe: +39.338.1188161 (also WhatsApp).

Name of the event: Sonic Tastings: EFFEMME | Opening: La Collera – Angelae
When: June 11th 2023
Where: Montescano (PV)
Location of the event: agriturismo Tosi
Address: via Pianazza, 45
Event starts at: 05:30 PM
Information and reservations: +39.338.1188161 (Giuseppe)

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